About Radiuz - XXImo

Radiuz and XXImo both have over 10 years of experience in developing mobility solutions for employers.
From December 2020, we will continue to work together on the future of mobility. This allows us to fulfill the need for mobility-as-a-service even better, such as flexible (partial) mobility, pay per use, access to and payment for mobility throughout Europe. 
Completely independent, secure and digital-first.

Under the influence of Corona, the need of employers for a flexible mobility solution has taken a big leap.
It is expected that employees will structurally want to work from home several days a week.
The standard, fixed, mobility solutions from before Corona do not always fit in with this.

Our ambition

Our ambitions are great. With the new organization, we give a boost to our shared drive to start selling mobility solutions in even more countries, making it more accessible, easier, internationally accessible and smarter. 

Our focus is now on combining the strength of both solutions, so that all our customers can benefit from this as soon as employees are allowed to travel again.

The beating heart of our organization is our beautiful office on the 11th floor of the WTC in Utrecht, right next to the central station. Furthermore, part of our team works in Belgium (Zaventem) and Germany (Düsseldorf).

Want to know more about us and our solutions?

Focus on innovation

Radiuz and XXImo attach great importance to continuous innovation. It is for good reason that our IT development team is the largest team within the organization. But we also expect a ‘ this-can-smarter mentality ‘. We are free to move with market needs and can implement our idiosyncratic ideas at a rapid pace.
We are always looking for new innovations in the market that can improve our service to employers and their employees.
For example, we have a strong partnership with Visa and will soon be adding Google Pay and Apple Pay to our services.
Convenience for our users is paramount.

Part of Autobinck

Together we are part of Mobinck, the company that brings together innovative and flexible forms of mobility for employers and is part of AutoBinck Group . AutoBinck Group has been a very healthy family business for over 100 years, successfully providing mobility with more than 1500 employees throughout Europe.